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26. Conspiracy Theory

'What caught my eye' - A Brazilian giant, a highly split personality, crop crises and a mishap of Biblical proportions.
Interview - Special Agent P joins us to discuss his take on some of the more popular conspiracy theories.
'English Guru' - vocabulary - describing skin color


25. Pregnant in Sport

'What caught my eye' - Brazilian concessions, Covid Bees, Known gnomes, Belgian rock controversy, and the Afghan troop pullout.

Interview - Rafaela Paiva shares new developments about professional athletes and sponsorship contracts.

'English Guru' - romantic expressions ahead of 'Dia dos Namorados'


24. BLM in Brazil

'What caught my eye' - Lula is freed, the non-news feed, a rare Mars deed, and the world's deadliest cheese!
Interview – Shawn Moss joins us all the way from Washington D.C. to talk about doing business in Brazil, the BLM movement, and being a black gringo in Brazil.
'English Guru' – common mistakes with pronouns.

Image by Folco Masi

23. Brazilians Abroad - Genoa

'What caught my eye' - covid concerns, a lockdown love story, a savvy centenarian, and the top 5 most dangerous cosmetic procedures.
Interview – Gustavo Duarte shares his experiences of adapting to Italy, surviving lockdown and learning Italian the hard way.
'English Guru' – sorting your sheep chips from your cheap ships.


22. The Entrepreneur 

'What caught my eye' - cosmetic death, incitement to eat, happy hippos and when NOT to trust your mom.
Interview - Lucio Vargas describes some of the challenges of starting a new business in the competitive world of online finance, and discusses some of the complexities Brazilians face when dealing with foreigners.
'English Guru' - unwanted speaking prepositions


21. The Economist II

'What caught my eye' - Wall Street bets large as the Dutch beef up in Brazil. Plus - Jenkem bunkum and What's in a Name? - Part II.

Interview - Tales Rabelo returns to discuss pandemic winners and losers and where to invest in 2021.

'English Guru' - transition expressions


20. Common English Errors

'What caught my eye' - Brazilian wine guzzling, plus the hazards of injecting fungi and of enjoying fun cake designs.
Common English Errors - Jay and Gee discuss mistakes they 'here' everyday. 
Humor - can you understand these terrible English jokes?


19. The Conscientious Investor

'What caught my eye' - vaccine hopes and fears, currency concerns, and what's in a name? Plus Miss Elle tells us why she likes Christmas.

Interview - Pedro Vilela talks about his decision to step out of management consulting and launch his own venture capital impact investment business.

'English Guru' - rather v instead


18. The Rocker

'What caught my eye' - more robberies, more reasons to rob, toilet humor and a woman's right to touch.
Interview - São Paulo's favourite rocker, Silvio Lopes  tells us what not to do on stage and what he has for breakfast
'English Guru' - each v every


17. Brazilians Abroad - Auckland

'What caught my eye' - a pricey pigeon, a praised physician, a perplexed pontiff and visa renewal problems. 
Brazilians Abroad - Leonardo Magri talks about the importance of minding your Ps and Qs in New Zealand.
'English Guru' - getting to grips with 'get'


16. Women in Business

'What caught my eye' - Zombie therapy, mystery meat, a president under friendly fire and the world's longest song. 
Women in Business - Rafaela Leitão, Viviane Ângelo and Sandra Gioffi talk about what it takes to be a leader, and how it's different for girls.
'English Guru' - unraveling the mysteries of the Present Perfect


15. The Warbler

'What caught my eye' - Amazon saviors, gilded specs, calcified penis, budgetry sadness and an update on footballers gone bad. 
Interview - Singer-songwriter Haikaa talks about being a "3rd culture kid", multiculturism, the challenges of launching new content in a digital age, and her latest projects.
'English Guru' - common expressions using body parts.


14. The Boozy Exec

'What caught my eye' - Alien invaders, another record breaker, coronavirus boate protocol and when not to put your finger in the pie...
Interview - Global IT executive, Ana Rizzo talks about what it's like to be a female at the top of a leading multinational.
'English Guru' - dealing with modals...


13. Brazilians Abroad - London

'What caught my eye' - Record-breakers at 11 and 100, Belgian potato pride, and some unlikely NFL bandits 
Brazilian's Abroad - Rodrigo and Roberta Canepari describe what it's like to be a Brazilian in London.... 
'English Guru' - getting to grips with prefixes


12. Pandemonium - Going Viral

Jay & Gee check-in for an update on surviving the corona-virus with some of the whackier pandemic news items.
Special Guest Elle makes her debut and explains how five-year-olds fill their time during lockdown.


11. Brazilians Abroad - Toronto

'What caught my eye' - a footballer takes a dive, a werewolf takes to the sky, a road takes a wrong turn, and a hyena accepts an unusual job. 
Brazilian's Abroad - Vinicius Xavier describes learning to live with the cold of Canada's east coast 
'English Guru' - lost in translation - a Google tip put to the test


10. The Headhunter

'What caught my eye' - the Carnival buzz, property prices and an Indian murder mystery
Interview - executive search consultant Renata Vasconcelos talks about what she looks for in a CEO 
'English Guru' - some tricky transitive and intransitive verbs


9. Cultural Differences

'What caught my eye' -  Airline etiquette, equality for men, hawking haggis and more deadly beer.
Cultural Differences - Jay & Gee discuss some of the quirks of living in Brazil.
'English Guru' - UK v USA vocabulary - some common terms compared


8. The Fiddler

'What caught my eye' - Mexican beer virus, a prison break and a Duke incommoded 

Interview - violinist Peter Harris discusses playing Bluegrass in São Paulo and how not to order paçoca!

'English Guru' - so v such, and prepositions of time


7. The Economist

'What caught my eye' - Airport rankings, mystery mogul, Rapunzel Syndrome and more dung
Interview - economist Tales Rabelo answers the questions we've been dying to ask
'English Guru' - a versus an, and hope versus wish


6. The Style Counsel

'What caught my eye' - speeds traps and banana skins, plus a Brazilian expression explained
Interview - personal stylist Carlos Marinho talks about the difference between fashion and style
'English Guru' - tricky plurals and pronouncing that terrible 'th'

Image by Igal Ness

5. Brazilian Expressions II

'What caught my eye' - Neo visits Mogi, Jay visits Colorado, the Selic slides and the British vote
'Dar uma bronca' - Brazilian Expressions II and their US/UK equivalents
'English Guru' - silent but deadly (words with silent letters)

Safari Sunrise

4. Wunderlust

'What caught my eye' - Leo the Arsonist, crypto-criminals and elephant dung!

 Interview - lawyer Pablo Jacinto talks about jacking it all in and travelling the world

'English Guru' - the subject-verb agreement face-off!

Image by Jeremy Dorrough

3. US Film School

'What caught my eye' - Uber woes and visa joy

 Interview - Luiza Simon discusses what it's like to go to Film School in the USA

'English Guru' - pronouncing 'call' and spot the non-countable noun

Image by Drew Taylor

2. Brazilian Expressions!

'What caught my eye' - STF ruling,  legalized weed, dodgy cachaça and dying on the job!' 
'Pra inglês ver' - Brazilian expressions and their US/UK equivalents
'English Guru' - spelling 'perceive' and 'make v do'

Photo from my art residency at the Petri

1. Why We Are Here

'What caught my eye' - Trump, Route 66, bank robbers, Brexit and dengue!
'Why we are here' - who are hosts Jay and Gee and how did they end up in São Paulo?
'English Guru' - pronouncing 'world' and '14 v 40'


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