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Common English Errors

Full Transcript - Episode 20


Brazilian wine joy, and the hazards of injecting fungi and enjoying a few fun cake designs when no-one is looking...

PLUS Jay and Gee discuss common English linguistic errors and even throw in a few (cringeworthy) jokes.

J:  I would like to give a little bit of tips in the beginning about Instagram, because we are now up and running on Insta.

G: Hooray!

J: So...

G: Tell me what Instagram is again.

J: It’s a social media platform.

G: Oh, good. We can take over from Trump, because he’s been banned from all of his, hasn’t he?

J: He’s been banned from Twitter...I...and Facebook, and... well, basically social media he’s been banned from. I think Instagram not, though. He can still take photos of himself.

G: But we have not. We have not been banned?

J: No.

G: Good. Let’s use it!

J: No, we are just starting, which could be equally dangerous. I don’t know.


G: Good afternoon, São Paulo.

J: Good afternoon, São Paulo!

G: And, Happy New Year!

J: Yes. Happy 2021. This is our first pod of 2021.

G: It is. Huzzah!

J: It’s actually also our pod number 20.

G: It’s also our twentieth pod, it is.

J: So, it’s kind of, like, an anniversary pod for us. I mean...

G: Yeah.

J: Kind of.

G: We got to twenty a little slower than we had probably anticipated.

J: Yeah, there was something called a pandemic that came through and kind of screwed up that just a little bit.

G: Yes.

J: But anyway, we’re here.

G: We are back and it’s a new year and everything is bright and today, actually tomorrow, is the last day of Donald Trump’s presidency!

J: Yaay!

G: Huzzah, huzzah! And, of course, one of the things I’m going to miss about Donald Trump is that we will no longer get to see the Baby Blimp. Do you remember the Baby Blimp?

J: No. I don’t even know what the Baby Blimp is. What’s that?

G: When he came to was a bit of controversy, actually, because he wasn’t very welcome in London first time he came, and he doesn’t like the Mayor of London, whose name is Mr. Khan.

J: Ah, the Indian.

G: The Indian chap, yes.

J: Right.

G: And, you know, Donald Trump likes to pick fights with random people around the world...

J: Right, and...and specifically Muslims and minorities in the United States.

G: So, protest at Trump’s visit, they created this enormous orange, angry baby with the Trump hairstyle, holding

J: I...I never saw this.

G: And they hung it over the Houses of Parliament!

J: Ah, we’ve gotta get a picture of that somewhere. I...I never saw that.

G: All six-point-one meters of it.

J: Fantastic.

G: It was a huge success, and now it’s being retired to the Museum of London, so...

J: Oh, that’s...

G: Donald is gone, it’s no longer required, unfortunately.

J: Well, I will say, though, for...for our particular pod, he gave us a lot of really good things to talk about. I mean, if you think about all the stories that kind of involved him in one way or the other – that’s fantastic. We talked about Route 66. We fact that Donald Trump is English that can mean farting.

G: That’s true, yes.

J: We...we talked about the golden toilet.

G: Goodness knows what the blimp was filled with, eh?

J: Yeah, lots of good stuff. So, we’re going to have to find something else to give us good material but...ok, in that sense, he’ll be missed.

G: I’ll be feeling safer, some aspects it will be less fun, yes.

J: So, Gee, what do you have – or what do we have this week?

G: What do we have this week? Erm, this week we’re going to something a little different. We are going to talk about some common errors that we hear with English.

J: With English. And some funny errors as well.

G: And possibly some funny ones. And I imagine we are going to have some ‘What Caught My Eye’...

J: And so this week we will probably not have our guru, because it is kind of incorporated into our main message.

G: And maybe we’ll have something new at the end – a little surprise something at the end.

J: Oh, I like surprises.

G: So, let’s roll!

J: Let’s go!



(more to follow)