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The Conscientious Investor

Full Transcript - Episode 19


Vaccine hopes and fears, currency concerns, and what's in a name? Plus Miss Elle tells us why she likes Christmas.

Plus - Pedro Vilela talks about his decision to step out of management consulting and launch his own venture capital impact investment business.

G: So, Happy Christmas everybody!

J: Merry Christmas!

L: Merry Christmas, São Paulo!

G: Hooray.

J: Yay, ho, ho, ho!

G: Merry Christmas Miss Elle!

L: Ho, ho ho.

G: Ho, ho, ho!


G: So, here we are with our Christmas episode, I guess this is.

J: Ho, ho, ho. So, Gee, what...what do you plan to do this Christmas?

G: What do I plan to do? I plan to celebrate the fact that it’s Christmas, and we have a vaccine, and hopefully next year will be different to 2020.

J: Nice. Erm, do you eat any special food in England for Christmas?

G: We have very much what you normally have at Thanksgiving, actually. We have turkey, we have stuffing, we have roast potatoes, we

J: Do you have cranberries?

G: We don’t usually have cranberry sauce. We normally have cranberry sauce with lamb. That is traditionally our Christmas meal, yes.

J: Yeah...I’d...I’d say ours least my family’ typically turkey and stuffing. Yeah, it’s very similar to Thanksgiving, in many ways. It’s just bigger and better.

G: Yeah, it’s kind of strange for the Americans cos it’s like only a few weeks apart between Thanksgiving and Christmas isn’t it?

J: And, we’re basically eating the same bird twice!

G: Yes. So, you can just freeze it for a couple of weeks and get it out again – eat the other half!

J: Ergh! That doesn’t sound so good.

G: And you? What are you planning for Christmas this year?

J: Well, I’m...I’m going to travel to the interior. We have a house in the interior. I’ll stay there about a week, and then I’m going to go to the beach.

G: Ah, which beach?

J: Santos.

G: Santos is good.

J: Yes.

G: I like Santos.

J: Yes, Santos is nice. There’s...there’s a big city with lots of good restaurants.

G: And it’s nice at New Year there, too, isn’t it?

J: It’s wonderful. They...they have got fireworks. They have got really good fireworks.

G: So, that sounds like a good time! I bet you are looking forward to that.

J: I am. So, what do we have today for the pod, Gee?

G: Well, the main thing we have today for the pod is we have a gentleman coming in called Pedro Vilela.

J: Pedro Vilela?

G: Yes. He is...

J: Is he Spanish?

G: He is actually a Brazilian chap who I have known for a little while and he is going to tell us all about his business, which is investing in eco-friendly and responsible businesses. ‘Positive impact’ businesses, I think he calls them.

J: Nice.

G: So, we’ll hear all about that and how he’s getting on in trying to change the world, cos he is quite an interesting chap, actually.

J: Well, it should be good fun then?

G: And...

J: I’m looking forward to that.

G: ...I imagine we’ll have a bit of Guru and probably a bit of What Caught My Eye and...

J: And probably...

G: A bit of Laurie in the background. Miss Elle, sorry. I shouldn’t call her Laurie.

J: Yes.

G: A bit of Miss Elle in the background.

J: Yes, she’s her ever-present self.

G: of those words, anyway.

J: Omnipresent!

G: Omnipresent.

J: Yes.

G: So, let’s get going!


G: So what...what caught your eye, this week, Jay?

J: Well, my top story is actually important.

(more to follow)

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