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The Beery Exec

Full Transcript - Episode 14


Alien invaders, another record breaker, coronavirus boate protocol and when not to put your finger in the pie...

Plus global IT executive, Ana Rizzo talks about what it's like to be a female at the top of a leading multinational.

J: Good morning São Paulo!!


G: Good afternoon São Paulo! Hello, and welcome to yet another edition of The Samba Buzz!

J: The Samba Buzz, São Paulo, Corona 3!

G: Still in the lockdown of Coronavirus, here in our bunkers in São Paulo.

J: Yes, we’re still in the grips of this nasty pandemic.

G: So, how are you holding up, Jay?

J: I’m ok. I’ve returned to São Paulo. I was out in the countryside for a few weeks.

G: Ah, very nice. Where did you go?

J: I went to Boituva. I saw a couple of parachuters, not very many but a couple. But the nicest thing is that you’re out in the countryside and you get fresh air and you can walk around. No masks. You can ride bicycle, go to the lake and see the fish. There was just lots of...lots of nice things in the interior to do.

G: I bet special agent Elle must have loved that, actually.

J: Oh, she did. She really loved it.

G: So, what have we got today?

J: Well, we special things on the pod. Of course, we’ve got the...the normal things that we always do. We’ve got some stories – What Caught My Eye this week. We have Ana Rizzo. She’s going to be talking to us about her work and at ABI – that’s Ambev, for those of you, so the beer company. That’s a...that’s...

G: Can she...can she bring some beer? Is that possible?

J: I’ll ask her. I dunno.

G: I think...I think it’s only fair we try her samples.

J: I’ll...

G: Great.

J: We have a little bit of grammar Guru.

G: Ok. Sounds good.

J: It’s nice to imagine freedom again. We don’t have any freedom anymore!

G: Exactly, the days when we didn’t have to wear a mask every time we stepped out the front door.

J: Ok, so let’s get on with it. Let’s get on with some ‘What Caught My Eye’.

G: Let’s do it. Let’s do some ‘What Caught My Eye’.


               (more to follow)

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