Covid 19

Pandemonium - Going Viral

Full Transcript - Episode 12


Jay & Gee check-in for an update on surviving the corona-virus with some of the whackier pandemic news items.

Meanwhile, special guest Elle makes her debut and explains how five-year-olds fill their time during lockdown.

L: 1...2...3... Welcome to the podcast of Cornoa-virus!


J: Good morning São Paulo!

G: Welcome!

J: Welcome. Today we have the...the coronas-virus special podcast.

L: Podcast!

J: Podcast, yes. So, you can hear, we have a special guest – a...a guest host, and she is five years old and she is very excited to be participating in her first ever podcast! Yeah?

G: Welcome, Lorena!

L: Yes.

J: And we’ll call you Elle.

L: Ok.

G: Little Elle.

J: Little Elle, yeah.

G: Give ‘em ‘ell.

J: We a remote location, we have Gee, is with us today, via Skype.

G: I am here...

J: Yes.

G: ...remotely, isolated. We are safe from each other. This is the most important thing.

J: Yes. We’re maintaining social distancing.

G: Effectively. Very good social distancing. More than two meters.

J: The virus hasn’t gotten...gotten to us yet, although it has affected production.

G: Yes, for which we apologize.

J: Yes. So, apologies for all our sponsors.

G: A long-overdue edition of The Samba Buzz! Yes.

J: Not a whole lot we could do about that, though.

G: But, we...we’re back!

J: W...well I’d like to turn just a little bit to our special guest, here.

G: Let’s go to the special guest.

J: So, Miss Elle, how do you like staying at home, because used to go to school all the time? You used to go to school every day. Right?

L: Yeah.

J: And do you still go to school?

L: No, because have corona-virus. Now, I need to stay home.

J: You need to stay home?

G: Have you had the corona-virus, Miss Elle?

L: No.

J:  Oh, that’s good.

G: Ah, how do you know? How do you know you haven’t had the virus?

L: Because sometimes I go outside and I don’t get coronavirus because I go with gloves and with masks!

G: Gloves and masks, yes.

J: Gloves and masks. Yes, so you don’t have it.

G: Very good. Social distancing – two meters from mommy and daddy.

J: Yes. what do you do during the day, Miss Elle? W...who takes care of you? If you don’t go to school, who has to take care of you?

L: My dad, and my mom go to works.

J: Yeah?

L: Yeah.

J: They go to work but who stays with you during the day?

L: In the morning?

J: In the morning.

L: My dad.

J: Your dad stays with you?

L: Yeah.

J: And do you think your dad is doing a pretty good job, so far?

L: Hm, yeah.

J: Because they say that m...m...most dads don’t cook very well. Can your dad cook well?

L: Yeah, my mom too.

J: Yeah? An...and what’s the favorite thing you like to eat with your mom and dad?

L: Macarrão, potato, rice and beans...brocolli...strawberry.

G: What? No, ice-cream?

J: You don’t like ice-cream?

L: I like ice-cream.

J: And ice-cream, ok. And do you like cinnamon rolls too?

L: Hm-um. Pancakes...

G: Pancakes, cinnamon rolls – it’s all good.

J: B...but who makes all this stuff, hm? Who makes all these pancakes for you?

L: My dad.

J: Your dad sounds like a good cook!

L: Yeah, and my mom too.  


(more to follow)

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