Reaching Base Camp - The Basics


The 3 Basic Verb Tenses

Simple Present, Present Continuous, Simple Past


Articles & Determiners and when to use them


Countable nouns, and why we want to count them.

Question Structures

Popular with waterboarders and Spanish Inquisitors...

Adjectives & Adverbs

One for the romantics. No poem is complete without them.

Leaving Base Camp - Intermediate Level


Verb Tense Overview

A matrix showing the main verb tenses and when to use them.

Present Perfect

The one you love to hate!

Passive Verbs

When the subject receives the action. e.g. São Paulo was flooded - again.


If only I'd started learning English earlier...!


What? There are rules? Hmm, some general principles at least.

Reaching for the Summit - Advanced Level



Also known as conjunctions.

Subject - Verb Agreement

To be added soon

Parallel Construction

To be added soon.


To be added soon.

Phrasal Verbs

To be added soon.

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