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Economic / Financial Vocabulary: Image

                                                                            “As you can see, profits have soared!”

Do financial reports and economic forecasts leave you gloomy? Do your spirits plummet every time you read a market analysis? Well fear not, for we have the key that will help you unlock the jargon that is used in everyday financial markets.

The Markets / Prices / Volumes are HIGH:

Buoyant               Prices remain                      BUOYANT         across all sectors.

Strong                  The dollar is still                STRONG             despite the budget deficit.

Robust                  Trading volumes are          ROBUST             despite the gloomy forecast.

Bull Market        Prices are rising as the       BULL MARKET continues.

The Markets / Prices / Volumes are INCREASING:

To Rise                 Share prices                        ROSE                   after the profit figures were announced.

To Gain                The FTSE 100                    GAINED             two percentage points.      

To Go Up             The price of oil                   WENT UP           10 cents per barrel.

To Pick Up          Sales volumes have            PICKED UP       following a quiet January.

To Climb              The price of soya               CLIMBED          2% on the news.

To Grow               The market for yoghurt     GREW                 5% last year.

The Markets / Prices / Volumes are INCREASING RAPIDLY:

To Soar                Share prices                        SOARED             following the announcement.

To Rocket            The price of gold has         ROCKETED      following the dollar’s devaluation.

A / To Boom        The                                      BOOM                 in property prices continues.

A / To Surge        Sales in high tech stocks   SURGED             on the back of the latest export figures.

A / To Jump        Prices                                   JUMPED             by 10% in just one week.


The Markets / Prices / Volumes reached a MAXIMUM:

A / To Peak                        Copper prices                     PEAKED             at $60 per ounce

The Markets / Prices / Volumes are TOO HIGH / OVERPRICED:

A Bubble              The recent jump in oil prices is just a             BUBBLE.

To Overheat        The economy in China is OVERHEATING    with a correction likely later in the year.

The Markets / Prices / Volumes are TOO LOW / UNDERPRICED:

A Bargain            With the markets so low there are many        BARGAINS        to be found.

The Markets / Prices / Volumes are LOW:

Depressed            Coffee prices remain         DEPRESSED      after the bumper crop.

Slack                    Trading volumes were       SLACK                due to the July 4 holiday.

Weak                    Demand is still                   WEAK                 because of the market uncertainty.

Bear Market       The                                      BEAR MARKET is responsible for low trading volumes.

The Markets / Prices / Volumes are DECREASING:

To Fall                 The dollar                           FELL                   one percent in trading today.

To Decline           Sales                                    DECLINED        after a strong July.

To Slacken Off   Trading has                         SLACKENED OFF as the markets enter the summer recess.

To Drop Off        Sales have                           DROPPED OFF due to increased competition.

To Shrink            The market for candy        SHRANK            in the wake of the health conscious trend.

To Wane              Sales have                           WANED              since the peak of the 1980s.

To Slip                 The Real                              SLIPPED             1 cent against the dollar in trading today.

The Markets / Prices / Volumes are DECREASING RAPIDLY:

To Plunge            Consumer confidence has PLUNGED          after the latest inflation figures.

To Plummet         Share prices have               PLUMMETED   following the revelations.

To Slump             Exports have                      SLUMPED          in the steel industry.

To Collapse         Demand for soya has         COLLAPSED     following the safety scare.

To Suffer             Sales have                           SUFFERED        from the hot weather.

To Tumble           The price of Brent Crude  TUMBLED         from its peak of $35. 

To Crash              Enron shares have              CRASHED          and trading has been suspended.

To Slide               The price of pork bellies   SLID                    from its opening price of $20.

A Run                   There’s been a                    RUN                     on the dollar following the announcement.

Bottom drop out After Bearing’s Bank the  BOTTOM’S DROPPED OUT of the market for futures.  

Dry up                  Sales have                           DRIED UP          completely.

To Wither            Exports have                       WITHERED       in the face of strong competition.

The Markets / Prices / Volumes reached a MINIMUM:

A Trough                            Profits are in        A TROUGH                       but are expected to rise.

To Bottom Out                   Prices have          BOTTOMED OUT          and are starting to rise.

To Turn the Corner           Profits have          TURNED THE CORNER.

The Markets / Prices / Volumes have showed NO CHANGE:

Flat                       Sales were                           FLAT                   on February.

Stable                   Oil prices remain               STABLE              despite the war in Iraq.


To Rebound        Tech stocks                         REBOUNDED    following the news.

To Rally               The price of sugar              RALLIED           after a early morning fall.

To Bounce           The Euro                             BOUNCED BACK after losing 5% in early trading.

To Recover          The markets                        RECOVERED    from early losses.

An Upturn           There was an                      UPTURN             in the price of gold today, after recent losses.


To Fall Back       Telecoms stocks                 FELL BACK      after an early surge.

To Burst               The high tech bubble has  BURST                with prices expected to continue falling.

To Shatter           Consumer confidence has SHATTERED

A Downturn         The economy is experiencing a DOWNTURN after the over-optimism of last quarter. 

To MOVE JUST A LITTLE (up or down):

To Creep              The Euro                             CREPT                up slightly on the day.

To Nudge             Interest rates                       NUDGED            downwards a quarter of one percent.

To Inch                Inflation continues to         INCH                   upwards.

To Budge             Prices haven’t                     BUDGED            at all since Christmas.


A Rush                 The Amazon IPO has caused a        RUSH    of trading to buy the tech stock.


To Reach             The Euro has                       REACHED         $1.20 for the firs time since its launch.

To Touch             The Dow Jones briefly      TOUCHED         10,000 before dropping back.

To Brush              Silver prices                       BRUSHED          records highs before falling off.


A / To Boost        Sales of sweaters were      BOOSTED                         by the cold winter.

To Fuel                Inflation has been               FUELED                            by low interest rates.         

Shot in the Arm   Investors received a           SHOT IN THE ARM       from the news in Chicago.

To Prop Up          The Real has been              PROPPED UP                   by Government selling of dollars.


To Undermine    The political situation has UNDERMINED                investor confidence.


A Surplus             The world grain                  SURPLUS           is keeping prices depressed.

A Flood                Sony is worried about a     FLOOD of cheap imitations entering the market.

A Glut                   There is still a                     GLUT                  of butter within the European Union.

To Be Awash       The European car market  IS AWASH         with cheap imports from Asia.

Saturated             The market for cars is        SATURATED     in South America also.


A Shortage          There is a                             SHORTAGE       of good investments to recommend.

A Lack                 A serious                            LACK                  of water has restricted the harvest.

A Shortfall          Management still have a    SHORTFALL     of $10m to complete the buyout.

A Dearth              There has been a                 DEARTH            of good news to report.

A Drought           Car makers are facing an investor DROUGHT.


On the back of    Oil prices rose                    ON THE BACK OF         the good news in Kuwait.

Stem From          Investor uncertainty           STEMS FROM                 a lack of information.


Pile In                  S&P upgraded the investment and small investors have PILED IN.

Follow Suit          Shell have raised prices and BP are expected to FOLLOW SUIT.

Jump on the band wagon    Small petrol suppliers are also likely to JUMP ON THE BAND WAGON.


Bright                   The outlook for tech stocks is          BRIGHT             after the third quarter figures.


Gloomy                Investors remain                 GLOOMY           about the prospects of an upturn.


To Lure                Microsoft hope to LURE    investors with their latest invention.


To Shun Investors continue to         SHUN    telecoms stocks after the recent collapse.


Splurge                The Government is likely to             SPLURGE           an extra $3 Bn on defense.

Spree                    Consumers are forecast for a spending SPREE           coming up to Christmas.


Rein in                 The Company needs to      REIN IN              spending if it is to meet its cost target.

Cut back              Further                                CUT BACKS      are likely in the New Year also.


Break into           Nokia are attempting to     BREAK INTO    the market for handheld computer games.

Penetrate             It’s been difficult for Brazilian manufacturers to PENETRATE US markets.


Squeezed out of                 Chrysler is slowly being    SQUEEZED OUT of the US car market.


To Cash In           Investors are        CASHING IN     on the recent gains in tech stocks.

To Cash Out        Investors are        CASHING OUT  of derivatives and seeking alternative investments.       

To Harvest          Early investors in the IPO are          HARVESTING  their gains.

To Reap               The stock has      REAPED             a return of nearly 20%.


Go Bust                Xerox nearly        WENT BUST      in the late 1980’s.

Go Bankrupt       Marconi, a British company, WENT BANKRUPT after it failed to find a buyer.

Go to the wall      Many companies WENT TO THE WALL  when the hi-tech bubble burst.


Put Option           Option to SELL an asset at a specified exercise price on or before a specified date.

Call Option          Option to BUY an asset at a specified exercise price on or before a specified date.              

Go Long               BUY shares / security in advance with the expectation the price will rise.

Sell Short             SELL shares / security that the investor does not own.


Asset                    Any item of registered value owned by the company.

Liability               Any debt or financial commitment registered against the company. 

Return                  The money received from an investment.

Profit                    The money received from an investment after costs have been deducted.

Income                 Money received from sales or investments.

Share                    A certificate of ownership of a defined portion of a company.

Stock                    Any type of shares that are traded.

Security               Certificate of ownership of stocks, bonds or tradeable derivatives.

Bond                     Certificate promising to pay a fixed amount based on a specified rate of interest.

Derivative            Financial product (eg future/option) where the value is dependent upon an underlying asset.

Future                   A contract to buy a commodity or security at a future date at a price fixed today.

Warrant                A negotiable security allowing holder to buy shares at a specified price and date.

Managed Fund    A diverse portfolio of investments that are managed by a broker.

Portfolio A range of different investments held by a company or broker.

Broker                  Someone who buys and sells investments on behalf of a client.

Pension Fund       A portfolio of investments managed to pay a company’s pension liabilities.

Pension                The money employees receive after retirement.

To Hedge             Buying one security and selling another in order to balance risk.

To Leverage        To borrow money in order to invest.

Trend                    The direction in which a sequence or results is heading.

Tariffs                  Taxes charged on goods.

Interest Rates       Taxas de Juros.

Insolvent              Company cannot pay its debts.

Administration    Company is technically bankrupt and is being run by lawyers.

Yield                    The return on an investment.

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