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If you'd like to learn more about the guests who have been on the pod, check out their bios below, with links to their sites and projects. You can find their full interviews on the playlist at the bottom of the page.


"I don't think it is something you choose. I think it chooses you. Unless you pay attention to it, you won't be happy. "




In pod 15 we were very privileged to welcome singer/songwriter Haikaa, who gave us our first live musical performance on The Samba Buzz!

In addition, she talked about the challenges of being a "3rd culture kid" and of launching your work in a world of multi-media and free music.

Many thanks for coming in, Haikaa. It was a joy to spend some time with you. Best of luck with your new songs. We hope you have a chance to join us again soon.


"I can say that the same problem that you have regarding gender, we have regarding nationality, or race."

Ana Rizzo


Ana Rizzo

We had the privilege of speaking with, HR & IT executive, Ana Rizzo in pod 14. She talked about her career, the challenges of being a female in a male-dominated business environment and the secrets to rising above the noise.

Many thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule and speaking with us, and for being so open with us. Best of luck with your current projects and we look forward to speaking again soon.


"The intensity of the work, I can say here is much higher."

Rodrigo Canepari


Rodrigo & Roberta Canepari

We had the great pleasure of speaking to, auditor, Rodrigo and, fashion designer, Roberta in pod 13, when they talked about adapting to life in London, cultural differences, highs and lows, the weather, the food, and some of their hairier experiences.

Many thanks for talking to us, guys. We look forward to talking to you again after the virus finally disappears! 


"Here, I think it is a culture of respecting more personal space and personal life."

Vinicius Xavier


Vinicius Xavier

Vinicius called us from freezing Toronto to talk about student life, the different work practices and expectations between an advertising company in São Paulo and Toronto, and some of the cultural and social differences (pod 11).  

It was great to talk to you Vinicius. Many thanks for your time and insights. We'll be rooting for you in your new career from afar. 


"We hire a lot of board members and we see that it's very hard to have women on boards in 2020."

Renata Vasconcelos


Renata Vasconcelos

Renata-the-Headhunter very kindly agreed to come in to talk to us in episode 10. She discussed good leadership qualities, what she looks for in a CEO and what not to do in an interview!

"I think that the headhunter has to be very transparent, and we expect the candidate to be transparent as well," she said. 

We don't have her playing the violin (or playing with her cats even), but you can find her on her linked in page.

Many thanks for giving up your time to come in, Renata! We'll have a new chair for you next time!   


"I don’t wanna wake up one day and be 50-years-old and doing the same damn thing in my life. I gotta challenge myself."

Peter Harris


Peter Harris

Pete-the-Fiddler came in to tell us how he made the leap from a classical background in Colombus, Ohio to playing Bluegrass in São Paulo (Episode 8). 

"Sometimes you just gotta roll with the punches and go along with things." 

Check him out playing with O Bardo e O Banjo below.

Thanks for coming in Pete! Best of luck back in the US. Hope to catch one of your shows soon! 


"You have a cross-subsidy here with the poor people paying for the wealthy people, who do not use the product."

Tales Rabelo


Tales Rabelo

Fifteen years an economist with some of the city's leading financial institutions, there's little Tales doesn't know about world markets and what makes them tick. And luckily for us he agreed to come and put us straight about the Selic and banks spreads, and where the markets are heading in 2020 (episode 7).


Thanks for coming in, Tales, and sharing your insights. We'll share our stock market profits with you once we cash out!


"I like to give them power back over their image."

Carlos Marinho


Carlos Marinho

At the cutting-edge of a rapidly-growing industry, designer and personal-stylist Carlos introduced us to the concept of dress sense (episode 6) - something we badly needed.


He says - "Life can be as colorful and stylish as you wish. I will certainly help you with that!" You can follow him on Instagram and maybe pick-up some tips too!

Many thanks for coming in, Carlos, and trying to help us achieve some sense of style! It was a lot of fun. Shame you were only about twenty years too late!


"The world is safer than it seems."

Pablo Jacinto


Pablo Jacinto

Pablo (left) came in to talk to us about his plans to take his family on a 5-year world tour in his Sprinter (episode 4)!


A graduate of PUC in São Paulo, Pablo founded Jacinto Advogados in 2006 specializing in Corporate Law and Litigation. He also spent two years as the CNA Coordinator for the São Paulo Law Institute (IASP). He's a dude.

Was great having you, Pablo! We look forward to hearing all about your trip once you return! 


"You don’t need a class to teach you something. It’s not the only way of getting there."

Luiza Simon


Luiza Simon

Luiza came in as our very special first guest! She talked about her experiences in Savannah, Georgia, USA, studying at film school which you can hear on Episode 3. 

We'll have a mini-bio for her up here shortly. But in the meantime - check out her short movie - Luna - it's pretty wicked.

Many thanks for coming in Luiza! It was really great talking to you, and learning more of your experiences. Good luck with your projects, and we hope to have you back soon! 

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